Motorized Paragliding – 3 Reasons Why It’s So Easy to Fly

Posted on August 31, 2011 by PHG Article Team


Motorized Paragliding 3 Reasons Why Its So Easy to Fly Motorized Paragliding   3 Reasons Why Its So Easy to Fly
Motorized paragliding is the answer to anyone looking to own and fly a cheap aircraft. This used to be possible only if you’re rich, but the advent of these flying wonders made owning an aircraft within everybody’s reach.

While most of us associate flying with travel, many people now fly as a hobby. All you need is buy the aircraft or build one yourself by ordering a plan online. It’s so easy that you can start enjoying motorized paragliding in a couple of days to a few weeks.

Because this technology brought flying to everyone, we can just fly and enjoy the view from the skies as opposed to the limited view when you fly a plane. Motorized paragliding allows you to navigate closer to trees, rivers, bridges, and just about anything you’d like to see and perhaps take a photo of them.

But you may ask: why is it so easy to fly this aircraft? Doesn’t the government regulate these kinds of activities? Well, the answer is that the laws are quite relaxed, even in many countries, when it comes to motorized paragliding

Here are the three reasons why it’s so easy to fly:

1. No Need To Register And Get A License

Another disadvantage of airplanes is that you have to get a license as a pilot. So you can just imagine all the paperwork and the cost of buying or renting a plane and making sure you meet the requirements needed for a license. All this is never a problem with motorized paragliding.

First, you can buy the aircraft without having to register it. Next, you simply enrol at flying lessons and you can be a pilot in just a few days. Finally, there’s no need to get an insurance to fly.

2. Virtually No Restrictions

If you still decide to fly a plane, there is a certain age requirement to become a pilot. With motorized paragliding, you can fly regardless of your age and weight as long as you are capable of operating the aircraft. Of course that may depend too if you have some physical disabilities.

3. Getting The Aircraft Ready Is So Easy

First, the cost. The price really depends on where you buy the aircraft. Others may offer it for $9000 or so. But other companies even sell it for less than $2000. If you plan to build your own motorized paragliding equipment, you can simply look for second-hand materials like a canopy or a motor.

Second, setting up is easy. You can follow the blueprint that will be sent to you when you order online. You can build it using simple hand tools you have at home.

Now that you see how easy it is, your first step is to buy the aircraft online. With motorized paragliding, all you need is the courage and determination to fly!

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